I haven’t done one in forever and I’m close to my next thousand soo
Reblogs only, likes don’t count
Mbf sexcandattracktive
Going until i feel like stopping it so probably a few days
Andddd bolded if you ask me a question cuz I’m bored and trying to avoid homework

To do today:

Go to dance class + workout ✓
Play with sister 
Do Yoga ✓
Wash dishes ✓
Eat fruit and salad in the day✓
Clean rooms ✓


I need to remember to have beautiful and yummy breakfasts like this one ♥
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mbf me and myusshi
no negative blogs please!

checking everyone out bc i need more blogs to follow ~ i’ll bold and do screenies of my favorites ♡ 

#selflovesunday ❤Today, I cross off one thing in my bucket list… to make a before and after. It may not be as breathtaking as others’, but I want to show people they don’t need to compare theirselves. You don’t know what anyone goes through, how hard it was for them, if they are mentally calm with their ‘after’, how much they worked out, if they have an eating disorder… For me this B&A is more mental than anything. Slowly I’m beating BED and depression, this week has been one of my best, I haven’t cried but I know I could soon and that’s okay. We can’t expect to one day turn on a switch and eat 100% healthy, workout everyday and be positive forever. Months ago I never thought it was possible for me to workout out more than one day without binging or crying and here I am.Believe in yourself, encourage others, be nice, tell people they are your inspiration, be other people’s inspiration. Don’t give up ❤~ Yumi 
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Some of my tips to gain weight for anon (・ω・´)
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