To do today {29/09/14}

Go to psych therapy ✓
Eat fruit + drink orange juice ✓
Take meds ✓

#HappyMomentoftheDay I felt so lucky in the morning I couldn’t even believe it.. My memory is so bad I had gone without any money to the hospital which is hours away, I looked in my wallet and I realized there was a bill my grandma randomly gave me yesterday (I guess this is where I get my witchyness from lol♥) I literally said ohmygod out loud… :)



It’s my Cake Day!! (My first post to this blog was a year ago.) 

Naturally that means a promo! 

The Rules: 

  • Reblogs Only
  • MBF me 
  • 10 Blogs will be selected using for Promo on 2 lists of 5. These will be reblogged 3 times on Monday / Tuesday.
  • Unlimited until Monday
  • Bonus - Post a picture of you that is some way related to Cake and tag me, I will reblog all these :) 


Congratulations John! :)

To do today {26/09/14}

Decide character for impro T_____T ✓
Take a bath + do laundry ✓
Wash dishes ✓
Play with sister ✓
Take higher dose of med, i got a little nauseous from it today u.u✓


Yummiest looking sushi ♥
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